Gear available

Types of Events and Payouts


Singles Events

  $50 entry fee - Bowl 4 games of qualifying to move onto a step ladder format. The top 3 Bronze and top 3 Silver bowlers move onto the step ladder to bowl for the 1st Place spot!

1:5 cashing based on 40 entries

9 Pin No-Tap Events

$40 entry fee- Knock down 9 pins and it counts as a strike! Handicap tournament with the max score being 300. 

1:5 cashing based on 40 entries.

Beat the Board format

Sweeper Events

$40 entry fee- It's sorta like the Singles Event, just shorter. Bowl 3 games in a Beat the Board format. No step ladders, and you can bowl both shifts (but only cash once.)

1:5 cashing based on 40 entries

Doubles Events

$80 entry fee per team ($40 per bowler)

Like to bowl with your buddy? Think you two can crush the compition? Bowl 3 games with your combined scores in a Beat the Board format. You can bowl both shifts, as long as you get a new bowling buddy for the 2nd shift. 

1:5 cashing based on 40 entries


Your average is based on your USBC standard composit average. Once you have bowled 3 events, you will be re-rated with a tournament average. (excludes no-taps). 

0-190 average - Bronze Division

191 and up - Silver Division