Gear available

The Rules

General Stuff


The purpose of That’s What I Do! Bowling is to promote the world of bowling and to host fair tournaments that is focused (but not limited to) the handicap bowlers. There is a lot of work that goes into planning and executing a tournament, and we are putting the rules of the tournament in writing, on our website ( so we (That’s What I Do!) and you (the bowling community) may grow together and promote the world of bowling. We are striving to have a smooth operation where we all can have a little fun. With that being said, The Director of the Tournament and the Girls in Pink have the right to enforce the rules or refuse service. 

Check-In Times


Check-in starts an hour before it’s time to bowl. We ask that you do your best to get there EARLY. When everyone shows up at a quarter to the hour, we start late. Then the next shift starts late. Please do your best to come early, and be prepared at check-in (know what you want to get into if possible, and have your cash ready to go)

How to Pay


We prefer to be paid in cash. You prefer your payouts in cash. To have enough money to complete the prize fund (and pay out as many spots as we like to do) we need to have enough cash on hand to make that happen. Nobody wants to deal with the checks. You don’t…. we don’t….let’s all just bring cash to the tournaments. 


Lane Assignment


Your lane will be assigned by a random draw. You will pick your score sheet that will already have a number written on it. There is no trading, just go to your assign lanes. 

Dress Code


You are not on a date. You are not going to the club. You are bowling. Your clothes should be clean and covering your body when you start bowling. Your shirts should have sleeves. If you must question if you should be wearing something, the answer is most likely a no. Need a shirt to wear just for bowling? We sell those. 

Lane Etiquette


a. One lane courtesy

One lane to the left, and one lane to the right should be empty when you are going up to bowl. Please be aware of your surroundings when you are on the approach. Please get off the approach when you are waiting for your ball to come back on the return. 

b. Bothering Other Bowlers

Not everyone takes bowling seriously and like to socialize. Some bowlers take their bowling extremely serious. Focus on your bowling. Don’t bother other people about if they made the cut, or what they shot. 

Being Extra


Remember in Kindergarten when you learned the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated? Please don’t be distracting to the people that are still bowling. You may be done. You may be bowling with your friends. Everyone likes to have fun BUT please, don’t be extra. Don’t be extra loud, extra annoying, or extra mean. If you are socializing or wanting to play other games while you wait for other bowlers to get done, we ask that you ask yourself “Would this bother me when I am bowling for money.” If the answer is yes, or you must think about it, we ask that you move to the bar area or down to where the tournament is not bowling at. 



a. 3 –Events-Re-Rated

Once you have bowled 3 events, you will be re-rated with your past games (no worries, no-taps don’t count). The most pins you will be re-rated will be 10pins (either up or down). 

b. Cashing re-rates

Did you get an envelope? You’re getting re-rated. 


Leaving the Tournament Early


We understand that life happens. Sometimes you get a phone call, or you get an injury and have to take off. Let us know what is going on. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your funds. We still need to pay for the games played AND have set the prize fund up. 



a. Please keep it PG

You are being recorded on a Live feed for Facebook. Please keep your conversations on a PG level. No cussing! You never know who is listening. 

b. Just because you’re not bowling, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t.

Please don’t be distracting to those who are still bowling. Please see “Being Extra”.

c. If you get money or a ball, we get a picture. 

Your picture will be put on Facebook, the website and Instagram. If you do not take your picture, you are forfeiting your winnings. 

Social Media


Are you hiding from the law? An ex? Did you call out from work, and your boss is a fan of bowling? Well, then coming to our tournaments is a bad idea for you. We take pictures and go LIVE on Facebook often – This means if you are in the building, there is a chance that you could get caught on film. 

Good Sportsmanship


a. Looking at another bowler’s score without them offering is not ok

b. Taunting or bullying of any bowler will not be tolerated

c. You may be sent home with your entry fee if the tournament director sees this behavior

d. If you are not bowling, you are a spectator, please stay off the lanes and away from the bowling area. 

Be Ready to Roll


a. If you make the cut the first shift and have to wait for the semis/roll-offs please be ready to bowl at your lane assignments to bowl at your lane assignments before shadow starts. If you are not present you will are disqualified from roll-offs and receive your entry fee back.